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Mom Gives Praise For Our Camps!

I personally can not thank you enough for putting the smile back on my sons face, he has not been able to stop talking about his fishing guide and catching the different fish, and the different lakes, I have to say it has been refreshing. Last night we had to take a trip to fleet farm for Spider Vine and a new bait thing he wanted. I asked him, “didn’t he have enough fishing for a little while,” he said “never enough!” He absolutely enjoyed himself, he even talked about growing with the organization so he can be a counselor that teaches the other kids to fish. I have to say the morning we dropped him off, I prayed he would find himself or find his spark again. Jordan has been struggling a lot this past year, in school and in doing the right thing, he started hanging around a bad group of kids. Making bad choices and also he has been dealing with his biological father going back to jail, after being in jail for three years. That really hurt him, he desperately wants his attention and not in a good way. I have struggled to find help for him, he now is in counseling, but that alone is not enough. That’s why I was in search of an organization that would lead him in the right direction, I found Fishing for Life! I can’t thank you enough for guiding Jordan in a good direction. He loved being paired up with his guide, very happy with the conversation I had with him when we picked up Jordan, his guide wants to continue to keep contact with Jordan through the year and if things work out they wanted to fishing again soon. Great role model for Jordan. Thank you again and to the other leaders for a great week!
Kathy Kaufman (mother)
Jordan Weiland (camper)

Father/Son at Camp

Fishing for Life's Adult/Child camp has given me the tools and knowledge to be able to successfully take my son fishing. It has also given my son a passion for fishing which is beyond compare. He will often times spend hours at the dock and on the boat and want more. Adult/Child camp has also given my son and I quality time together that we cannot replace. In 2019 we had an experience when we went out fishing. David casted 10 times and literally caught five bass. The fishing was unbelievable and it’s things like that that we will always remember. Because of Adult/Child camp, David has grown a passion for fishing and would rather fish then go swimming. He already told me he’d rather fish than go snowmobiling if he had to choose and I believe that this could be a career path for him in the future. Lastly, it is also given David and I opportunities to talk about our faith in Jesus Christ. We were able to learn how to grow deeper in our faith at camp.
- Thanks Erik and David O.

Being a Boat Guide for Fishing for Life

I have had the opportunity for the past three summers to be a boat guide with Fishing for Life. I have had families, veterans and wounded warriors out fishing at different lake events… If you have never been in a boat with a young person that has never fished before you are in for a treat… the excitement of catching their first fish is well a very rewarding feeling. For the first time ever, my Granddaughter got to go fishing with grandpa and our first time out she caught one fish and was so very excited… This past summer she and I fished the FFL Reel Girls event and she won the trophy for the largest Sun Fish and that plague now hangs in her bed room. I have had the opportunity to fish with Veterans and Veteran Widow families and its such a great feeling for me being a retired veteran (US Army). So what is it like out there on the water? Its an opportunity to be close to kids that have fished and some that have not but its always awesome to just spend quality time out on the water. I try to teach each of them to the best of my ability how to fish and do it safely. So, when I met other fishermen knowing they have a boat I always talk to them about Fishing for Life and what the rewards are to being able to service God in such a special way. Many of these kids have never been in a boat, been fishing and do not know God. We have a special opportunity to provide all. Being a Boat Guide for Fishing for Life is an opportunity that I have welcomed in my life as a way to give back to kids and families what God has given me.
- Ron Buster
Fishing for Life has provided our high school son an opportunity to pursue his passion for fishing while exploring the biblical truths contained in God's word. As a resident of the Brainerd Lakes Area, we have come to find that the combination of fishing and bible teaching is a great way for our boys to experience first-hand the wonders of God's creation and His plan for their lives. We look forward to the many opportunities for our oldest son as he begins to prepare for life outside of our home and are grateful for the mentorship and positive life-long relationships developed through the staff and fellow campers of Fishing for Life.
- Steve W. (Parent)
My son Ryan went on his first fishing-for-life event to Leech Lake and he is hooked! He wants to go on more adventures with the group and I am wondering if you have events planned for this fall or winter yet?"
- Julie S. (Parent)
I am so grateful for FFL. My grandson just loves it. He loves fishing and more importantly has had the guidance of Godly men. After his last day trip, he was so happy. He told me he never met a fisherman he didn’t like. He really liked Cody and told me he wanted to be like him when he grows up. That Sunday morning Robert didn’t want to go to church. I reminded him that Cody would be going to church. He immediately got ready without a problem, FFL has been an answer to prayer.
- Teri B. (Grandparent)
The Deep C’s Fall Retreat is a highlight that I look forward to each year. I look forward to the quiet. When we are out in the boat on an early morning, it is easy to connect with God and appreciate all the blessings that we have. The loons are calling and a mist is slowly rising off the lake. I greatly appreciate being able to share moments like this with other Christian men... The worship provides opportunities to hear God’s word. The speakers always share very relevant messages. The praise team is awesome!
- Travis B. (Deep C's Coordinator & Camp Guide)

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