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Reel ‘Em In:

Our Reel ‘Em In program is our main way of getting rods and reels into the hands of children who don’t already have one. We do this by collecting used rods and reels, refurbishing an recycling them into perfect fishing rods for kids!

Through this program, we also collect tackle, tackle boxes and other outdoor equipment, including boats. We have mastered the art of collection, rebuilding, and distribution of this equipment, and each year we distribute rebuilt equipment to over 1,000 MN youth.

If you have some old rods and reels that you are no longer using or that are even broken, we will gladly take them off your hands. We have rod rebuilding days where volunteers rebuild the donated rods and reels to be given away to children in need.

If you wish to partner with us as a collection site, we will gladly bring you some boxes where you can collect the used rods, reels, tackle and sporting equipment. Please contact us if you want to help us with Reel ‘Em In Kids.

Occasionally (less than 5% of all donations) we receive some antique equipment that aren't suitable for use by the children but they have value to collectors.  We take those valuable antiques and sell them, then turn around and use those funds to purchase many new rods and reels that the kids can actually use.

Check out this news footage to see more about Reel 'Em In.




Photo and Note from a Reel 'Em In Recipient:


Here we are after our first fishing outing of 2012.  Elaine made the first catch - a little bluegill - she was thrilled.  Thanks so much for helping us - it made a world of difference to have your equipment.  All the best to you!

Kath Pengelly

Life Works

 Special Event with Reel Em In rods & reels.


Rod & Reel Rebuilding

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