Our Military R&R programs (Relationships through Recreation) are designed to provide fishing & outdoor activities for veterans and wounded warriors, and for their families. We also offer special programming for the kids and families who were left behind by a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Some of our past R&R events include the Holes for Heroes Ice Fishing Contests, the Armed Forces Family Fishing Celebration (AFFFC) and the Pay It Forward trip for veterans to the Lake of the Woods for a 4-day trip up north.

Please contact us if you'd like to participate in our R & R program. In addition, please check out our calendar for future events.

Marathon Man

Each year the Marathon Man, Jeff (Kolo) Kolodzinski, sets out to break the World Record for "Most Fish Caught in a 24 Hour Period” in order to highlight the ministries of Fishing for Life. This is such a great event that media outlets from all over the world have covered the event.

We are pleased to report that as of 2010 the Marathon Man holds the current Guinness Book of World Records for Most Fish Caught in a 24 Hour Period! He caught 2,143 individual fish to set the record. Quite a feat considering that if a fish had a prior hook mark in its mouth, it did not count toward the record setting total!

Check out this YouTube video of a recent attempt:


Holes 4 Heroes is a special Ice Fishing Contest designed to honor our military, both at home and abroad. In addition to the traditional prize-filled ice fishing tournament, we set up a unique "Hole of Honor” which features a live video feed so that families of deployed soldiers can ice fish for free while being linked via video to their beloved soldier.

Proceeds from Holes 4 Heroes support the ministries of Fishing for Life, including our Military R&R program, our High C's Fishing Camps, our summer lake events, and our Deep C's Fishing Clubs.

It is our honor to allow all military members, both current and former, and their immediate families to attend Holes 4 Heroes at no charge.

Mobile Trout Ponds

Fishing for Life's mobile Trout Ponds are one of the many ways we get kids fishing. We couple this trout pond with educational games and instruction at Sport Shows to create a fun event for kids! Our educational instruction includes: Make a Lure, Fish ID, Bait ID, Minnow Races, Mobile Trout Pond, Knot Tying, Casting and many more.

Our mobile trout pond is available for you to rent for your event! At our fully-staffed trout ponds, kids get to fish year-round, often experiencing the joys of catching a fish for the first time! Our ponds can be used safely either indoors or outdoors. Delivery, set up, supplies and staff included.

Request a Trout Pond

Reel 'Em In

Our Reel 'Em In program is all about putting fishing gear into the hands of kids. This program primarily collects & refurbishes donations of used rods, reels, tackle and tackle boxes, which hundreds of volunteers invest time cleaning, refurbishing and rebuilding. The donated rods and reels are then gifted to over 1,000 kids and youth programs in our community, and around the nation.

The Reel 'Em In program also collects used sporting goods and recreational vehicles of all kinds, including: boats, RV's, trailers, ATV's, motors and more. These donations are either directly used in our programming, or are sold at our Sportsman's Garage Sale & Used Boat Auction to support our organization as a whole.

Please Note: Occasionally we do receive donations of fishing gear or other equipment that we simply sell instead of putting it directly into the hands of kids. For instance, antique equipment that isn't suitable for use by the children may have value to collectors.

We take these antiques and sell them, then use those funds to purchase the supplies needed for refurbishing other donated rods, as well as to support our programming as a whole.

If you wish to partner with us as a collection site, we will gladly bring you a FFL collection barrel to collect the donated rods, reels, tackle and sporting equipment. Contact Steve at for more information!