Our Programs

Since 2004, Fishing for Life in Minneapolis, MN has been inspiring a love of fishing and outdoor activities in youth, families, veterans & communities through Christ-centered programming. Custom fishing and outdoor programs are developed by our staff and ministry leaders. We also partnered up with community organizations, agencies and churches to provide events for families and veterans in our communities.

Each year, FFL uses their 8 programs to host more than 65 events. These events require around 700 volunteers who provide more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service annually. Since our inception, we have provided recreational fishing and outdoor events to over 20,000 youth and adults.

Deep C’s is a group of fishermen who gather monthly at 4 locations throughout the Twin Cities to share fish stories, learn from the pros, and, more importantly, to fellowship with one another through faith in Jesus Christ.
Contact: Steve@FishingForLife.org

Our Military R&R programs (Relationships through Recreation) are designed to provide fishing & outdoor activities for veterans and wounded warriors, and for their families. We also offer special programming for the kids and families who were left behind by a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
Contact: Tom@FishingForLife.org

Our Reel ‘Em In program is all about putting fishing gear into the hands of kids. This program collects & refurbishes donations of rods, reels, tackle and tackle boxes, which are then gifted to kids and youth programs both in our community and around the nation. This program also collects used sporting goods, boats, RV’s, trailers, ATV’s, motors and more to either be directly used in our programming, or to be sold at our Garage Sale/Boat Auction to support our organization as a whole.
Contact: Steve@FishingForLife.org

Every June, FFL hosts a huge sportsman’s garage sale and used boat auction at the Anoka County Fairgrounds. Your tax-deductible donations of used sporting goods and boats/vehicles, etc., are welcome!
Contact: Steve@FishingForLife.org

Our mobile trout pond is available for your event! At our fully-staffed trout ponds, kids get to fish year-round, often experiencing the joys of catching a fish for the first time! Our ponds can be used safely either indoors or outdoors.
Contact: Tom@FishingForLife.org

Our Next GEN program is a unique program designed to provide intentional, consistent, measurable one-on-one fishing and outdoor-related experiences, as well as meaningful spiritual guidance, for youth from military families and from single-parent households.
Contact: Vaughn@FishingForLife.org

At these week-long summer camps, 8-10 hours of daily guided fishing trips provide kids with fishing instruction, environmental education and leadership training. Camp also focuses on growing nearer to Christ through daily Bible studies and prayer time.
Contact: Vaughn@FishingForLife.org

FFL offers numerous lake events throughout the Twin Cities. At these events, we pair guests with boat guides who teach them how to fish. Through these events, we teach over 500 kids how to fish each year!
Contact: Steve@FishingForLife.org