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When: Thursday, December 3, 6-9 p.m.

Location: Richfield American Legion - 6501 Portland Ave So, Richfield, MN 55423

Cost: $20 for buffet dinner – RSVP Needed! – Send to Tom Goodrich at:goodykstp@aol.com

Speaker and Topic: Dan Pilla, "What is America’s DNA?" 

America is in a mighty struggle over her identify. We are at the point where Christians are ostracized, and told that they and their beliefs have no place in American pubic life. We are told that the First Amendment means that Christian beliefs and behavior must be scrubbed from society. We are being lied to—and our heritage and the principals that made us free and great are under open attack from all angles. That is why it’s past time that Christians understand America’s DNA. Dan Pilla will prove to us in true courtroom style that America’s true DNA is rooted directly in Christian Biblical principles. Dan will make history come alive with 400 years of foundational government documents to prove that America was founded as a Christian nation. It is time for all Christians to learn this great truth and to be able to defend it in the face of the relentless attack on our heritage.

Our Mission Statement:
As Created, Called, Cleansed, and Commissioned men
we exist for the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through fishing.

CREATE a network of Christian fishing fellowships. Partner groups include Deep C’s North, Deep C’s South, Fishers of Men, Success Through Scriptures, and Hooked on Christ.

CALL believers into relationship with the Lord and one another
through regular meetings and fishing outings.

CLEANSE our lives through these activities and the work of the Holy Spirit in order to improve relationships outside our fellowship, especially with our Wives and Families.

•To engage in the Great COMMISSION by seeking to bring others into this fellowship and be of service to the Body of Christ.

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